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Investment Level $300,001 ~ $400,000
Speedy Auto Service Franchise

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Speedy Auto Service Franchise

In 1956 Speedy Muffler King opened its first store and became the first muffler replacement specialist in North America. We have always understood the importance of strong customer service and this, along with high performance standards, is what led us to becoming a trusted brand in the industry.

In 1993 Speedy Muffler King became a full service provider. More than mufflers, we started offering services in everything from brakes, to suspension, to road safety inspections, and more. To reflect this change, we changed our name to Speedy Auto Service.

In 2004 Speedy began switching corporate owned stores into national franchises. In 2007 Prime Car Care acquired our business and with this new ownership we continued converting to an automotive franchise business model. Today we offer the finest in while-you-wait full service auto inspection and repairs for all types of cars, truck, and SUVs.

Why Speedy Auto Service?

Speedy Auto Service Franchise
  • Brand Reputation – Speedy Auto Service has a long standing reputation for providing excellent service, customer care, and quality parts. As a franchisee you reap the benefits of being a part of one of Canada largest brands.
  • Buying Power – We have an excellent relationship with many parts suppliers, and this relationship gives us significant discounts. This allows our franchisees to maximize inventory while minimizing purchasing costs.
  • National Warranty – Our Nationwide Warranty inspires customer confidence and ensures repeat business.
  • Training – To help our franchisees attain their business goals, we offer ongoing training and support for expert field staff and head office personnel.
  • Marketing Support – Our marketing programs are always under development. Our marketing support staff helps franchisees maximize results.
  • Industry Leading POS Software – Our StockTrac system is state of the art. It allows franchisees to manage all financial matters such as reports, inventory control, and customer records.


Speedy Auto Service Franchise

Speedy Auto Service has franchise opportunities available in the Greater Toronto Area, St. Catherines, ON, and Sault. Ste. Marie, ON. We are always vigilant in looking for new areas to expand our business.

Jan 9, 2013

David Lush - President & CEO of Speedy Auto

David Lush is a dynamic leader and a polished communicator. In addition to his technical and leadership skills, David spends a great deal of his time teaching and lecturing young professionals. This...
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