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Initial Franchise Fee $10,000
Number of units 3
Investment Level $10,001 ~ $25,000
Franchising Since 2020
Royalty Fee $0 Certified Dealership


Our Company

We help prevent water damage through a technological innovation designed in Canada. We install an electronic valve, at the customer's main water supply, that automatically shuts off as soon as sensors placed in strategic areas perceive an overflow of water in the property.

The product is intended for any building in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. The main promoters of the product are plumbers, insurance companies, plumbing distributors/wholesalers, alarm companies, as well as condominium and homeowners. The product has been on the Canadian market since 2014.

More than 70% of insurance claims are caused by water damage. An increasing number of buildings every year become uninsurable because of previous water damage claims. We strive to solve this problem in partnership with major insurers.

Water-Protec brings peace of mind to our customers.


Water-Protec Franchise


Our Opportunity

We are looking for a team of individuals with a successful sales career, fully dedicated to this project, with a broad understanding of the technology, networking abilities, high level of confidence and enthusiasm.

Existing distributors have found that their revenue may vary from $809,000 in the first year to $1,537,175 the third year, based on a realistic approach.* The net margin will be around 20%.

* Based on average revenue of select surveyed distributors and is not a guarantee of revenue.


Water-Protec Franchise Opportunity


We provide our dealerships with:

  • A complete certified dealer program
  • Product development
  • Corporate programs with most insurance companies
  • Complete enterprise solution (CRM, accounting and inventory systems)
  • Enhanced web application
  • Advertising products
  • Installation videos
  • Demo kits
  • A simple solution to install at great price


What is expected from you to win:

  • Put together a strategy and solicit daily leads from homeowners, condominium syndicate, co-properties managers, insurance brokers, contractors, plumbing distributors, seniors residences
  • Implement Water-Protec certification installation methods
  • Use Water-Protec Enterprise solution (CRM)
  • Deliver Water-Protec system to customers
  • Ensuring that all persons involved in the delivery are present for the installation
  • Obtain referrals from customers;


Recognized by most insurers

Water-Protec - Recognized Insurers


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