How Can a Franchise Consultant Help You?

Owning a franchise business is often an ideal choice for individuals with entrepreneurial spirit. But with thousands of franchise opportunities out there, finding the right one for you might seem like an overwhelming task.

A franchise consultant can help you narrow down your options to just the franchises that fit your personal goals, interests and needs. Here are a few other benefits of using a franchise consultant.

Saving Time and Effort

Professional franchise consultants streamline the entire search, selection and closing processes for clients, which can save you weeks to months of effort. Consultants first get to know their clients by having them take personality and skills tests, fill out surveys and answer interview questions.

The consultant then creates your personal and professional profile, which highlights your interests, educational background, work experience, goals and current skills. This process also helps you determine your financial, business and lifestyle objectives.

Pre-screened Franchises

Using your personal and professional profile, the financial consultant searches through available franchise companies to find those that match your financial criteria, have franchise opportunities in your desired location and will be most able to help you obtain your objectives.

Because most professional franchise consultants work with a limited number of franchisers, they are able to perform due diligence on each potential business. They check out the company's track record and determine whether the franchiser is keeping franchisees happy.

This pre-screening process means that only the franchises that meet the consultant's highest standards should be presented to you as options.

Professional Introduction to Potential Franchisers

After your profile has been created and you have short-listed your options, the franchise consultant will introduce you to potential franchisers. The potential franchisers will know that you are serious about moving forward and will treat you with respect.


An experienced franchise consultant can provide you with a thorough education on the various kinds of ownership and financial criteria and suggest financing options you might not have considered. A franchise consultant is also your go-to person for any questions you might have during the purchasing process.

No Charge for Consulting Services

A majority of franchise consultants provide their services to clients for free. The consultants collect their fees from the franchise companies once a sale has been completed.

Choosing a Franchise Consultant

Look for a consultant who has experience with franchise ownership and entrepreneurship. Select one who only focuses on franchises so they can focus on you and your needs.

Find out how many franchise businesses a potential consultant represents. Those who represent a wide variety of franchises will likely offer you a better selection.

Avoid working with a consultant who tries to push you into choosing a certain franchise. An experienced professional is there to just guide you, not sell to you.

Purchasing a franchise is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make and using a franchise consultant can make the selection process easier and far less stressful. If you think owning and running a franchise is right for you, then talk to one of our franchise consultants today!