Being a Mother is a Balancing Act

Just like elsewhere in the world, being a mother in Canada is a balancing act, especially if you would love to figure out a way to earn an income while largely remaining a stay-at-home mom. Fortunately, taking that approach is not as hard as it might seem, particularly since thousands of other women have already paved the way for your aspirations. A statistic published in the Journal of Global Business and Organizational Excellence states that 7 million North American women have chosen to become entrepreneurs and 80 percent of those individuals are mothers.

Going into business for yourself is even easier if you explore opportunities in franchising. Specifically, partnering with a franchise allows you to enjoy numerous benefits, such as being associated with a known brand and being able to tap into resources that are intended to help franchisees make the most of their time and monetary investments. Furthermore, there are almost no limits when it comes to the kind of business you can pursue. You can likely even use some of the skills you've sharpened as a stay-at-home mom to help boost your earnings.

Messy Maid is one possibility that is particularly appealing to many stay-at-home-moms in Canada. It gives franchisees the advantages of being connected with a well-known and reputable brand. Also, you do not have to work nights, weekends or during holidays. That kind of schedule lets you make the most of the time when kids are at school without cutting in to much-needed family time.

Above Grade Level is another choice to consider. With this franchise you provide in-home, 1-to-1, tutoring in math, English and more. The brand name is already well recognized and their unique Heartbeat System will be the pulse that drives the success of your business.

There are also many ways to tap into your love for kids by looking for a business for sale in Canada. Club Scientific is a franchise that offers weekly labs intended to kindle a love of science in young minds, while pursuing a business venture with CEFA Early Learning allows you to focus on equipping kids under the age of five with foundational skills to help them through all stages of life.

These are just several of the many ways you can enjoy the independence that comes with being a female entrepreneur while gently testing the boundaries of what is usually expected from stay-at-home moms. In case the earlier statistic seemed too good to be true, almost 73 percent of women in Canada's workforce had kids under the age of 16 living at home, according to data offered by Status of Women Canada. Also, 71 percent of Canadian women in 2012 said they'd like to start their own businesses, and the majority of that group believed access to mentors or role models would be important to success.

By getting involved with a franchisee, you not only get to be an entrepreneur, you can also enjoy a strong network of people and other resources to help you on your way.