Adele congratulates one of their franchisees, Alexandro Lopez-Coderre


Apr 27, 2015

Adele is pleased to announce that one of their franchisees, Alexandro Lopez-Coderre received the very coveted « Maillon D’Or » from the Quebec Franchise Association in the category for young entrepreneurs.

At the recent franchise ceremonies in Quebec and in front of a thunder of applause, multi-franchisee Alexandro Lopez-Coderre received on January 19, 2015, the very coveted “Gold Link” category “Young entrepreneur of the year”!

Alexandro, at 26, is possibly the youngest franchisee to receive a “Gold Link” in all categories and this in all the history of the Québec Franchise Association! The organizer of the “Gold Link” award revealed that the members of the jury chose Alexandro for a number of reasons but that: “It is mainly because of his customer service approach that we decided to award Alexandro this recognition”.

For the franchisor Adèle, “We know that Alexandro and his team have been focused on delivering a great experience and have surpassed our expectations, we are of course, extremely proud to witness another Adele franchisee receive a recognition by the association”

For its part, it is in these words that Alexandro expressed himself after having received this very prestigious award; “Thank you to my franchisor, it is sure that without the Adele Group I would not be here today. I feel it is an important recognition… and with great pride…and I did not think I would ever experience this”. With the Adele franchise, I employ all my brothers and many more people have joined me since we started the business. Since we’ve imigrated from Mexico, we have been looking for a business that we could afford and one that would allow for a quality of life. The Adele concept has allowed our family financial independence and we continue to expand the business.


Founded in 1994, Adele has experienced absolutely phenomenal growth in just over 20 years. With 125 franchises in Quebec, Ontario and France, the Adele Group is the only business in Canada to offer truly superior housekeeping services through a network of franchises which offer a steadfast brand image and pinpoint marketing strategies.

Its founder, Gaétan Migneault, together with his associates, Julie Bergevin, Vice President and Daniel Cousineau, President International have brought Adele to the forefront of the housekeeping industry and are now pursuing more development opportunities across Canada and the world.