Church's Chicken and Sunbelt Business Brokers Partner to Recruit New Franchisees


Jun 14, 2007

In 2006, Church's committed to double its size within five years. 'We have chosen to align ourselves with strategic partners that we feel can best help us meet our growth objectives,' Vice President of Franchise Sales and Development, Scott Moffitt said.

Sunbelt, an investment and management firm, 'is THE place to go to buy or sell a business,' said Sunbelt's New Franchise Sales Director, Peter Carlson. 'Church's has such an established presence and we are thrilled to have them as part of our portfolio,' he added. 'Sunbelt is uniquely positioned to help Church's grow in markets they have targeted. They are one of our top two franchisors in the food category.'
'We chose Sunbelt because it is the largest and most well-known business broker network in the country,' said Moffitt. 'We have positioned ourselves for major growth and have targeted cities all across the United States where we plan to open multiple units through our franchise growth strategy.'

 'This is one of several strategic initiatives to fuel new store development and to maximize operating efficiencies in both company and franchise markets,' said Church's Executive Vice President and Chief Franchise Officer, Doug Pendergast. 'Our growth strategy at Church's Chicken is both aggressive and creative.'  

Church's has already sealed a deal for 20 new restaurants to open over the next five to six years. Two of these 20 units will open by the end of Q4 2007.