Garage Living Welcomes New Calgary Franchisees


May 29, 2015

Garage Living, the one-stop solution for garage remodeling and the fastest-growing of its kind in North America, recently welcomed new franchisees Mike and Charmaine Reiber from Calgary.

Once from Medicine Hat, Alberta, the Reibers came to Calgary and have been residents there for some time now. According to franchisor Steve Wilkins, it was the Reibers' entrepreneurial spirit and backgrounds, with Mike having a carpenter's license and Charmaine's history of sales and management, that made them such a great fit for Garage Living.

Both Reibers fully embraced the mentoring and training Garage Living franchise had to offer, and their previous experience running a rental house puts them in a position to understand that businesses have challenges.

The Reibers were connected to Garage Living through the franchise portal, as noted by the franchisor. Wilkins spoke about receiving many candidates from portal, although not all were the right fit. An ideal Garage Living candidate, per Wilkins, is ready to invest in and start his or her own business while accepting support and mentoring from the company.

Mike Reiber also talked about his franchise search experience and According to Mike, the Reibers found the franchise portal incredibly easy to use and were able to research opportunities that met their criteria. The Reibers were looking for a franchise that allowed them to be hands-on with the opportunity for expansion. Garage Living met these requirements, was already a success in the Ontario market and also spoke to Mike's carpentry background.

Garage Living is on the rise in the United States and Canada, and its expansion plans include the Vancouver, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan areas, with a Londoner needed for the southern Ontario market.

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