Global Pet Foods Franchise in Canada Celebrates Success.


May 01, 2009

Global Pet Foods celebrated many successes in the past year, including the opening of its 100th store, in March 2008. We are now approaching 120!! Global also expanded it’s presence in Western Canada, opening its 8th store in Alberta and its first store in Saskatchewan.

Nature’s Harvest, Global Pet Foods exclusive food products, has expanded its line of healthy food to now include grain free food and biscuits. Grain free products are beneficial for dogs and cats with allergies and may aid and help prevent diabetes in pets.  (Grains are used as a filler and contain high gluten levels – not good for diabetic pets.) Dogs and cats have difficulty digesting carbohydrates and there are many dogs and cats that have allergies to certain grains.  A grain free, protein rich diet more closely matches the natural diet intended for dogs and cats.

Nature’s Harvest has gone one step further with their grain free products, as they have created a formula that allows for moderate protein levels compared to other no grain diets on the market.  As there are some concerns out there that higher levels of protein can be harmful to their kidneys, Nature’s Harvest grain free line has reduced the protein to safer levels. Also launched, a Hypoallergenic pet food and biscuits.  This type of product is for those pets with very severe allergies or allergies that can’t seem to be pinpointed.  This product consists of one protein and one carb only. 

Our stores achieved a minimum sales increase of 10%, and awards were handed out to 10 stores for hitting over a $1 million dollar in sales!  We have stores that are approaching the $ 2 million dollar point.

Our annual “Show Us Your Heart” campaign raised over $20,000 for local humane societies. Global Pet Foods always supports local animal shelters, and many of our stores have adoption programs running to help find needy animals loving homes.

Global Pet Foods is looking forward to another exciting year of growth.