Online Interest in Canadian Franchise Opportunities at All-Time High


Apr 29, 2010

It's official - Canadians are looking to get into business for themselves. And they're searching the internet looking for Canadian franchise opportunities more than they ever have.

Potential franchisee's are online looking for a concept like yours right now. And if they can't find you it's like you don't exist.

The graph below shows search volumes over the last few years for key franchise terms: franchise opportunities, franchise opportunities Canada and Franchises in Canada.

You can see search volumes for these terms have risen dramatically over the last twelve months as Canadians look to get into business for themselves. The climb starts in March 2009 and has risen steadily for the last twelve months. So the question remains...

Why are Canadians Searching Franchise Opportunities?

The trend seems the follow the global economy as a whole. When the economy is doing well people feel secure in their jobs and are less likely to be interested in getting into business for themselves.

As we saw in late 2008 with the global economic meltdown, many people found themselves laid-off or with a reduced work week and scrambling to make ends meet.

Buying a franchise can be a solid solution. The business models are proven, fully-developed concepts and can provide a secure path towards financial security.