FocalPoint International Canada Arrives

Date: JAN 4th, 2008

Topic: Franchise News

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario -- FocalPoint International Canada, Inc., a business coaching and development company, has now opened in Canada.

FocalPoint works with local business owners, self-employed professionals, and senior executives to get on the path of success through business performance coaching and development services.

"It is professionally exciting and very personally rewarding to be able to coach and teach Canadian business professionals the key elements of growing and sustaining a successful business," said Jason Assen, VP Sales and Marketing of FocalPoint Canada. "Our coaches help guide their clients step-by-step by providing knowledge, strategy and accountability to help them achieve superior results. We're currently seeking more of the right individuals to join our coaching team."

The FocalPoint Coaching Program is based on world renowned speaker, coach, and author Brian Tracy's key elements to business success and provides a business owner with a variety of strategies and tactics already proven to be effective in businesses worldwide. Each coaching session is facilitated by a certified FocalPoint Coach, such as Kim Pedersen in Calgary, and is designed to guide the business owner, self-employed, or senior executive through competitive analysis, leadership strategy, marketing and business development across a series of four well-defined modules, each comprised of 12 highly focused coaching sessions.

"I think this is a great opportunity for every business professional to gain the knowledge and tools they need to stay competitive in their field and take their business to new heights," said Assen.

According to Assen, FocalPoint Canada strives to not only help the business individual execute critical business skills, but also understand why these concepts and skills are crucial to the success of their business and career.

For more information on FocalPoint International Canada, the opportunity to become a FocalPoint coach, or coaching client, please contact Jason Assen toll free at 1-866-761-1616.

About FocalPoint International Canada, Inc.

FocalPoint International Canada, Inc. was founded to create Canada's premier business coaching and development organization. The coaching programs are designed to meet the needs of the small to medium business community by providing competitive analysis, internal analysis, creating efficiency, sales, marketing, business development, leadership and communication skills. FocalPoint coaches guide these businesses step-by-step by providing knowledge, strategy and accountability in a proven format.