Franchise Guru is Part of the CODE ZERO® Team

Date: JAN 7th, 2011

Topic: Franchise News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  January 4th 2011.   A recognized ‘guru’ in the world of franchising, Norm Friend President of Franchise 101 Inc., has thrown his weight behind one of the most innovative and unique franchises ever to be offered.

Friend has teamed up with his long time friend Andrew Field, the architect of CODE ZERO®, to launch one of the most innovative and effective driving programs ever offered as a franchise opportunity.  

“This was an opportunity I could not resist!” said Friend.  “Apart from the fact that CODE ZERO® had all the hallmarks of what constitutes a good business model, it was an area of business that had never been franchised, which creates its own challenges.  The majority of franchises fall into traditional categories that are familiar to prospective franchisees (e.g. fast food, fitness and oil change); whereas, prospects are unlikely to search Internet directories for advanced driver program franchises.   Consequently, our challenge is to make people aware that such a franchise exists”.  

Launched in early 2007, the program was initially offered by the Justice Institute of British Columbia and was named CODE ZERO® due to its well-developed roots as a Police Recruit Driver-Training program.  The program has been finely tuned for the general public and corporations. Students benefit from a blend of classroom training, specially designed track exercises in advanced driving skills and topped off with a ride in a CODE ZERO® cruiser with sirens blaring and lights flashing.

President Andrew Field explains “We currently offer Level 1 and Level 2 programs, Corporate ‘Team Building’ Programs, and a Winter Driving Program, and we are about to add a program targeted at teenagers and novice drivers (this will be aimed at their parents and is a huge market).  Although they have a driver’s license they don’t know how to deal with exceptional situations e.g. black ice, hydroplaning, wheels going into the shoulder etc.  On the marketing side, we have already entered into some key strategic relationships with National companies such as Yokohama Tires and Raybestos (Brake Pads), and we are excited about promoting CODE ZERO® through their massive dealer networks”.