Just Junk Franchise opens new location.


Jul 06, 2009

White Collar Manager  Leaves the Corporate World to Become a Junk Man

Toronto, Ontario,  Gareth Roberts’ father and sister are  both doctors, his brother recently graduated Harvard’s MBA program and his  mother is a physiotherapist.  For Mr. Roberts, choosing to be an  entrepreneur was a lot more logical than following in his families’  footsteps.  

After being a successful sales manager at Bell Canada for 5 years, much to the  surprise of his family and friends, Gareth Roberts decided to become a junk  man.  In fact, Roberts acquired one of the largest JustJunk.com service  territories in company history.

“My first day in the junk truck, we removed a freezer and cleaned out a  basement.  Its’ quite a different environment from my white collar sales  position, I’m happier than ever.”

Interestingly enough, Gareth’s choice was something all too familiar to Just  Junk.com President and CEO Michael Thorne.  Mr. Thorne founded  JustJunk.com in 2003 after trying to figure out who to call to remove the old  office furniture from his floor at Bell Canada. 

“I’m really excited to be in on the ground floor of what is a booming business,”  says Gareth Roberts, Toronto North Franchise Owner.  “People always want  to be more environmentally conscious when they are getting rid of their  materials but they don’t know how – we are the perfect solution.”

In his first month of business, Mr. Roberts broke a JustJunk.com business  launch sales record.  Now finishing up his second month, Roberts is  experiencing a higher than projected level of work volume due to the Toronto  garbage strike.  

JustJunk.com make’s a business out of picking up junk, construction debris and  old furniture for a fee that varies depending on the size and scale of the  job.  Over 60 per cent of the material JustJunk.com removes from homes and  businesses is either recycled or donated to local charities. Even salvageable  construction debris is donated to Habitat for Humanity.

Gareth Roberts territory allows him to service customers anywhere from North  York to Newmarket and Woodbridge to Ajax.

About JustJunk.com

JustJunk.com removes junk and unwanted  materials/items from residential and commercial properties including furniture,  appliances, garden refuse, and construction and demolition debris. The firms  rates include all labor, loading of the materials from anywhere on the  property, clean up and all disposal/recycling fees. Customers are provided with  an up-front written estimate before any work begins.