Tutoring Franchise Offers Perfect Equation to Work/Life Balance

Date: MAR 11th, 2009

Topic: Franchise News

LONDON, ONTARIO - The franchise world has a secret. Owning a lucrative business does not have to come at the price of personal fulfillment. The tutoring industry in North America generates nearly $4 billion a year and offers some of the most rewarding business opportunities available today.

Tutoring businesses like Sylvan, Kumon and Oxford Learning rank as some of the top franchise opportunities in the country. According to the COO of Oxford Learning, the company is regularly approached by budding business owners who are seeking a more meaningful career.

"The increased demand for supplemental learning has made tutoring franchises a hot commodity among savvy parents and aspiring entrepreneurs. In as little as three months a center can be opened and ready for business," adds Oxford COO, Lenka Whitehead.

According to Whitehead, these opportunities are appealing to everyone from teachers who want to continue working with children, to six figure executives who are in search of a career with more meaning.

Franchise expert Tom Feltenstein, also attributes the increased interest in tutoring franchises to more than just the growth of the industry. "Business owners today want to feel good about what they do," says Feltenstein. "When you own an Oxford Learning Center you get the opportunity to genuinely improve a child's life, while enjoying the freedom and earning potential to do what matters most."

Oxford Learning has become known for encouraging work/life balance among its franchisees. According to Oxford Learning franchise owner and former teacher, Angela Marseglia, it is possible to be your own boss, grow your income and work in a rewarding field. Angela invested in an Oxford Learning tutoring franchise when she was just 27.

"I have spent ten very fulfilling years helping improve the confidence and learning potential of children in my community. And this spring, many of the kids I worked with in my first years with Oxford are graduating from college. You can't imagine how rewarding that is," she adds.

And according to best selling author and franchise expert Tom Feltenstein, "In a world where the average time spent on the job has increased by as much as 250 hours a year, the benefits of franchise ownership are obvious: flexible work hours without sacrificing earning potential and an opportunity to have a full personal life."

About Oxford Learning

Oxford Learning began in the mid-1980s when a team of education experts came together to create a unique learning program based on research into how children actually learn. Oxford Learning is now Canada's number one supplemental education system and has grown to include more than 120 franchise locations across Canada and the United States. Dedication and continuing research have earned Oxford an international reputation for quality and success. The organization's proprietary curriculum and teaching methods are developed by some of the world's leading experts in education. Oxford equips students with a new way of thinking and the skills and confidence to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.