MVP Ups the Offerings for Franchisees


Dec 07, 2018

Male barber shops are enjoying a revival and MVP Modern Barber franchisees are now set for growth in this booming industry that is here to stay.


As the final stage of the MVP Modern Barbers’ complete company refresh, franchisees will now be offering the full new line of men's grooming products from shampoo and conditioner to shaving cream and classic hair wax and everything in-between.  With the updated product line positioned as a superior product at a mid-price point and available for use in the shops as well as for customer purchase, MVP Modern Barbers has set their franchisees up for success and growth.  

"Our own brand of 15 products was the last component of our whole company refresh," said MVP master franchisor Brian Bonsma.  "Yes, guys will come here every month or so for a haircut, but we also wanted a quality way to be in a guy's bathroom everyday to remind them of MVP."

MVP has 5 locations in Kelowna, Calgary, Surrey, Nanaimo and Fort McMurray and is actively increasing its franchised locations.

Master franchisor Bonsma, has been getting his hair cut at MVP Kelowna since it first opened here in 2007. When he heard the Master Franchising rights were available for the chain early last year, he jumped at the opportunity.  "It's such a great concept.  It's a modern barber shop with lots of TV screens and a lounge."  With years of experience in franchising, Bonsma knows exactly what’s needed to support his current and new franchisees alike. 

Kelowna MVP Modern Barber franchisee Alex Miller has also been a client of MVP since it opened and was so impressed with the concept that he bought the Kelowna location in 2013.  "Barber shops, especially modern ones, are having a renaissance.  Men want to get their hair cut at a place specifically for them, not a salon that primarily caters to women."

The newest MVP Modern Barber location in Fort McMurray sports the company's new garage-theme look featuring the same high ceilings, multiple big TV screens, lounges and industrial fixtures and fittings. 

Opportunities are now available for this exciting concept across BC, AB, SK and MB.  Find out more about us and request information here at