Oshawa Native Wins Her Very Own Franchise


Dec 12, 2013

Brandi Scovell Topper's Pizza

Brandi Scovell, employee of Topper's Pizza since 2009 and formerly a manager, is now the owner of her own Topper Pizza location thanks to winning the contest on the Canadian Food Network's 'Giving You The Business.' Ms. Scovell was one of four managers featured on the episode who were given the opportunity to grab the tremendous prize, even if they didn't know it at the time.

According to Keith and Kelly Toppazzini, the brothers who own Topper's Franchise Company, Inc., the decision to give away a franchise on the show was an easy one. The owners decided to participate for exposure and to give an excellent worker a shot at owning a business. Their father, founder of the company, struggled to start the business over 30 years ago and was given a chance, and the brothers wanted to do the same.

The four managers? Gerry Cayen of Timmins, Janette Rizzo of Barrie, Mitch Simpson of Collingwood, and winner Brandi Scovell?were lead to believe they were filming a corporate training video during the show. Actors posed as customers and deliverymen, putting the managers through some incredibly stressful and often hilarious situations as the Toppazzini brothers secretly watched. While all four managers performed admirably, it was Ms. Scovell who kept it together the entire time despite the circumstances.

Ms. Scovell, a mother of two and nearly lifelong Oshawa resident, is incredibly grateful for the opportunity the Toppazzini brothers gave her. Despite her new longer hours that come with the responsibility of being a new business owner, she's proud to set an example for her young children and heartily recommends Topper's Pizza to anyone who is looking for a franchise that provides its franchisees with outstanding information and support.