Vend Rite Introduces the Compact Energy Centre to the Canadian Vending Market

Date: SEP 6th, 2010

Topic: Franchise News

September 2, 2010, Ancaster, ON – After the tremendous success of its Compact Vending Centre and Washroom Valet, Vend Rite Systems (VRS), the leader in compact wall mounted vending is introducing a brand new version of its highly successful Compact Vending Centre to the Canadian vending market - The Energy Vending Centre (EVC)!

In order to cash in on the tremendous success of the energy drink vending market, we areintroducing, for the very first time, the EVC to the Canadian market says Terry Csicsak, President of Vend Rite Systems. “To meet the high demand for these products units by Canadian consumers and businesses alike, VRS is seeking a limited number of individuals wishing to start their own business immediately! “

“This version of Vend Rite’s innovative compact wall mounted vending machine is set up to vend 5 Hour Energy, 6 Hour Energy or any other small and compact energy drink a customer requires. A key benefit to this unit over any other energy drink machine, is that the Energy Vending Centre can also be configured hundreds of different ways and vend hundreds of different products”, explained Csicsak. “ The Compact Energy Centre can be installed almost anywhere - it can just as easily be located in a washroom, hotel lobby or office building as it can in a lunchroom or public area - these are features that no other vending machine can offer.”

In addition to vending energy drinks, these units can also offer unique high demand products, most never before available in a vending machine! Nationally recognized travel size name brand products such as Tylenol, Advil, Midol, Purell, Axe, Rolaids, Wet Ones, Lubriderm, Johnson & Johnson, Gillette, Listerine, Pantene, Herbal Essences, Alka-Seltzer, Trojan, Durex, Colgate, Kotex, Always, Tampax, Band-Aid, Kleenex, Calvin Klein, Secret, Dove, Huggies, as well as Wrigley's, Tic Tacs and hundreds more…

“The choice is yours - there is nothing else in the market to compete with you – this is the only machine of its kind”, says Csicsak. “If you have what it takes to run your own business - then we want to talk to you!” Please be advised that Vend Rite only requires a limited number of individuals for each area.

About Vend Rite Systems

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