Express Workouts – Explosive Growth Continues


Oct 19, 2006

Express Workouts – Explosive Growth Continues Tampa, Florida—The Harvard Health Letter, Volume 30 - No. 11, talks about “The Quickie Workouts” that have exploded across the world and particularly North America. They report that the Federal Government’s guidelines recommend combining aerobic activity (which raises the heart rate and boosts cardiovascular health) with stretching exercises (which provide flexibility) and strength training (which makes muscles stronger). Harvard then went on to talk about four popular programs which meet the government’s guidelines of which “The Blitz® - 20 Minute Total Fitness for Men” was the only “men’s fitness” franchise listed. The Blitz is the World’s largest and fastest growing Fitness Franchise for men and combines strength training with boxing and martial art techniques all within a 20 minute boxing ring workout. After launching its successful concept a little over four years ago, men have been achieving their fitness goals one push/pull and one punch/kick at a time. Now with over 200 locations sold world wide, the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Men are attracted to its time-saving methods with fast results. Single Gender Saturation? No one would argue that fact that women have dominated the “Express Workout” industry for the last 15 years. Women only gyms account for over 12,000 centers in North America alone. However, “Blitzing” on to the scene in 2002 was “The Blitz”. “Men have been topping the charts in all 15 leading causes of death”, says Blitz founder Scott Smith. “We decided to do something about that. It’s about time…literally,” says Smith. “Twenty minutes, three days a week, is all it takes to get in shape and stay in shape. Take The Blitz 21 day challenge and we’ll prove it.” Industry leaders forecast the “men’s only” gyms to be the next wave in fitness opportunities. Saturated? For women, probably. For men, hardly…more like the tip of the iceberg. CONTACT: Gary Kovacs The Blitz® 20 Minute Total Fitness for Men Phone: 905-318-3778 Email: Web site: