Doctor Screen Featuring New Distributor in Hamilton


Nov 08, 2015

When does he start?

He is Mobile right now!

Does he have an existing company and is distributing through that company or will he be exclusively doctor screen?

New Company exclusively Doctor Screen.  He liked the fact that Doctor Screen is constantly searching and adding competitive products that help him build his Customer base. Things like retractable screen doors and Custom Storm Doors.

Does he have a related background?

Bill is a Classic Doctor Screen Candidate, middle aged, well educated, handy and over the years he has run a couple of small businesses.  He was not happy with his current position for a well know Company and decided now was the time to set up his future under his own Control with help from Doctor Screen Corporate.

What drew him to this opportunity?

Bill saw the opportunity on and really liked the concept of running his own low overhead business on his terms.  Doctor Screen offered a complete package including financing that allowed Bill to get going immediately.  He was also impressed with how quickly Doctor Screen was building across Canada.