Hickory Dickory Decks Franchise Spotlight - Theo Melburn, Ottawa, ON


Apr 20, 2021

For Theo Melburn, a Hickory Dickory Deck franchisee, the choice was easy when it came to deciding on his future career.  Investing in a decking franchise like Hickory Dickory Decks was a great fit, right from the start. After two years in the business, Theo’s success is further proof that he indeed made the right decision for his future. After spending many years as a project manager, mostly in the construction industry, the stress and limited rewards held him back from fully enjoying the construction world. As a Hickory Dickory Decks franchisee, Theo is once again able to reap all the benefits that working outside, for happy customers on his own terms can bring.

After making the decision that he needed a change, Melburn knew he wanted to make use of his extensive experience in the construction industry. Melburn found that in the home renovation business, sometimes it was profitable and sometimes it was not. The support and stability of owning a franchise was a great solution and decking was a great fit, allowing Melburn to own a business while still fulfilling his desire to construct and create.  With these desires in mind, he found his way to the Hickory Dickory Deck Franchise. “I’ve been in construction all my life and this is the first time that I’ve really enjoyed the construction world. It suits my family needs and fulfills my career goals.”

Melburn’s experience with Hickory Dickory Decks has been incredibly supportive and positive. “The business is very modular and it’s repeatable. There’s a guided process which everybody learns and adapts to make it their own.”  This has provided a path for Melburn after two years, to own an additional franchise unit. He is also enjoying the flexibility in the business to bring his own style. He is once again, reveling in getting his hands dirty. When if comes to support from the franchise system, Melburn sites the deck design sheet being incredibly useful. This template has streamlined the design and quoting process, saving time and providing his customers with beautiful designs and concise quotes. Melburn has come to rely on the fact that if he needs assistance, the Hickory Dickory Decks staff is only a phone call away.  He has also benefited from the support of his many fellow franchisees.

Melburn credits his success, at least in part to educating himself in the brand and learning the system for selling and building that Hickory Dickory Decks provides. Along with Melburn’s many years of experience, he has spent the time needed to get familiar with the entire business system.  “When I think about my personal success in this business, Hickory Dickory is North America’s largest decking company and for me personally, I finished in second place of overall sales in 2020. This is a pretty big achievement.”

Melburn’s goals going forward includes maintaining a work environment that brings good people to him.  Building on his strong reliable team that shares in his vision.  “It’s reassuring to know that I made the right decision to invest in a Hickory Dickory Decks Franchise.” Melburn’s great success in such a short period of time allows him the confidence in knowing he is indeed on the right career path.