LMI Canada Inc., Franchisee - Kathy Watt


Apr 02, 2014

Kathy joined LMI with a background in education, training & development with a specialty in organizational and leadership development. She has a M.Ed., in Instructional Design. Even with that background she found the design of training programs to be too labour intensive and it took her away from her passion – working with clients! She says that LMI gave her the training, the curriculum and the tools that allowed her to focus on her clients and what she did best – coaching people for enhanced effectiveness. What attracted her most about LMI’s programs and tools was the company’s ability to demonstrate a Return on Investment to clients – something she feels is lacking in the training world.

She also feels that the licensee training and personal development provided by LMI along with its exceptional programming, systems of measurement and ongoing support made building her business much easier. While working on your own can be lonely, Kathy says she enjoys the support from LMI Home office and from other LMI team members. Being part of a Canadian team and a member of an international family (LMI is in 80 countries) allows Kathy to enjoy Canadian and international training events and she says it helps keep her sharp.

Her final thought to someone looking at LMI: “This is one of the finest training organizations out there. However, do not expect that it will be easy. Developing and servicing clients requires the same investment that starting any business would require, however the rewards are hard to beat!”