Meineke Car Care Centres Franchise Opens Four New Locations!


Sep 24, 2014

Cam Campli, Meineke franchisee, together with his partners Andrew Jackson and Wendel Clark, have opened 4 new Meineke Car Care Centres in Ontario, Canada. Campli, Jackson and Clark value communication and building trust with their customers as part of their everyday operations.

“What we emphasize to all the technicians and our service writers is to communicate well with the customer, explain clearly and intelligently what the technicians have discovered about their vehicle, what is recommended and give them the information they need to make an intelligent choice for the services they need for their vehicle,” Campli says. “One thing we really put a high premium on here at this shop is customer education. Not every customer understands what is happening with their vehicle so we try to spend that time educating them, on such things as the importance of winter tires or using a high-quality motor oil for an oil change, as examples.”

Campli and his wife Rita are focused on quality and building a relationship with a trusted team of professionals who will protect their customer’s vehicle investment. Relationship building is a key part of the Meineke philosophy.

“Take something like brakes,” Campli continues. “I initially thought people would focus on price, so like many, we offered a three-tiered pricing formula. What we soon discovered is that we became more successful when we moved to providing a quality, warranty-backed brake and rotor combination, and had our service writers explain to customers the advantages of installing high-quality friction and rotors. The service writers take the time to explain to the customer about brake wear, the importance of quality friction and rotors and why replacing them together is important, and the lifetime warranty that comes with certain components. Simply, it benefits the customer. By using quality parts, it prevents comebacks and it benefits us as it keeps those customers coming back to us for other vehicle work. They see we care about them, the investment they made in their vehicle and that we will provide them with the best parts and service for them.”

With over 50 percent of their customers communicating through emails, the center has effectively grown their customer email database by participating in the Meineke E-Club program. The program is used to send email reminders to customers when it is time to have their car serviced again as well as solicit feedback. “I respond directly to emails from customers,” says Campli. He also adds that customers are pleased to find him answering their questions or concerns and that he takes their feedback seriously no matter what time of day it is.

Meineke franchise has benefitted greatly from having Wendel Clark as the spokesperson, but don’t just think that is all he does for us. Clark and longtime friend Andrew Jackson sees this Meineke Car Care business as a long-term commitment. Clark says that someday his children might want to think about the business as a career so he is serious about making the business a success.