The Sprinkler Guys Franchisee - Colin Dodd


Apr 30, 2014

Colin had his first exposure to business ownership in 2009/2010 when he was given power and authority over the irrigation division of his local Grounds Guys franchise, where he had been an employee for many years. Throughout this time, he witnessed first-hand the value in customer service and business systems provided through a Sunshine Brands franchise and appreciated the company’s approach to Creating A Remarkable Experience for everyone involved in the business, not just customers! Building from this experience, Colin became one of the first Sprinkler Guys franchise owners in 2012 when the franchise system first launched.

When Colin chose to open his own business, he knew he wanted to benefit from the years of industry experience and related coaching provided by the Sprinkler Guys. He had great experiences as an employee with the Grounds Guys of Collingwood, ON, and knew starting with a recognizable brand meant he would have an easier time establishing a strong customer base; a huge advantage he saw in launching his own new business. He also knew the business management systems available through a Sprinkler Guys franchise were proven to work through years or successful operations.

This meant that from Day One of launching his new irrigation company he could focus on what is most important: The Customers! Also, having these systems in place meant he didn’t have to figure out how to launch AND manage a business while ALSO trying to drive profits. Instead, he chose to use the Sprinkler Guys business model and focus solely on growing his success! His business saw immediate growth as a result of the branding, systems and support that was provided. Colin knows he would not be able to offer the level of service to his customers, or operate as successful of a company, if it weren’t for the franchise. Help with quoting and pricing jobs, along with technical field support and business planning are what he benefits most from his franchisor-franchisee relationship. With his Sprinkler Guys franchise, Colin truly feels as if he is in business for himself, but not by himself - to steal a line from head office.

Since his first day of operations as a Sprinkler Guys franchisee, Colin has been overwhelmingly committed to his business, the Culture of CARE and the broader franchise system. Colin maintains an active role in franchisee-franchisor relations through regular and valuable feedback for improvements to the systems. For his efforts, Colin was awarded Franchisee of the Year at the 2013 national convention, and is one of the top-performers amongst all Sprinkler Guys franchisees across the country.

If the clocks were turned back, Colin is confident he would make the decision to become a Sprinkler Guys franchise owner again as he believes in the value that comes along with this brand, the support and business training provided by the franchisor and the ability to network and problem solve with other owners from across Canada. Beyond this, he loves the Culture of CARE and the importance placed on this culture by the franchisor. The fact that every business must contribute to the triple bottom line - not just making a profit, but improving the lives of our people and the welfare of our planet along the way! – is what motivates Colin to go to work every day.