Steamatic - GTA Franchisee, Carlo Strangis


Nov 18, 2020

.   What made you decide to own your own business instead of being an employee of a company?

Carlo Strangis:   Working with my current employer over the years - and always looking to improve and motivate and challenge myself I jumped at the opportunity to take over ownership of a branch in another territory.

The opportunity to have a larger role in decisions and customer service as well as lead a team was always on my radar and after years of learning and assisting it was time for me to get into the ownership role.

.    What made you choose Steamatic from the opportunities you looked at?

Carlo Strangis:    This was a very easy decision for me as for many years I played a role in growing and advancing our brand as an employee and believed in the current principals and future outlook. With first hand knowledge and daily experience there was no need to look outside.

.    Can you describe the support you have received/continue to receive from the Steamatic head office team as you got started and on an ongoing basis?

Carlo Strangis:    The support to date has been very positive. We have open, honest and very importantly productive support from all them members of head office, especially our local representative.

Initial set up from branding, IT configuration, Corporate Policies, any and all areas have been covered and continue to have assistance. Replies to telephone calls, emails are timely, professional and informative.

To date the Head Office team and our local rep have been excellent to deal with.

.    What aspects of the business were particularly important to you when considering this opportunity?

Carlo Strangis:    Joining or being part of a Brand that has a similar business model, service orientation as well as the drive to grow and improve.

Head office that supports and strives to grow will lead to our individual growth potential which should have an unlimited upside.

.   What are the biggest advantages that Steamatic gives you in your business?

Carlo Strangis:    There are many advantages that should materialize and experience.  I have experienced many almost immediately, and they have had a positive impact.

This is something that must continue from Head Office and their executive team.

The marketing and negotiating with vendors along with various corporate planning and pricing advantages due to buying power and volume.

An important aspect is the support on an executive level with our partnering insurers where issues do not escalate and can be discussed on a corporate level with a strong company behind the individual branches. This is being experienced currently, and we can see the response from the insurer is on a different level with the backing of a National Head Office.