Tommy Gun's Franchisee - Heather Frayn


Oct 23, 2014

BeTheBoss: What drew you to the Tommy Gun's Franchise?

HF: I loved the concept as soon as I heard of it! I have been in the salon industry for several years, and at the time the opportunity was presented to me and I saw a huge demand for this style of barbershop.

BTB: What type of support did you receive as you were starting out with this business?

HF: I am very fortunate in my personal journey as I already had a lot of knowledge in the industry from my salon industry history. However, help was available for anything that was new to me. Shave training is a great example and is something that most stylists don't have the opportunity to learn in beauty school. I was able to take shave training a year prior to my location opening and later have group training for my team. The corporate team at Head Office never fails to amaze me with the support available for any need big or small.

BTB: How is Tommy Gun's different than other barbershops?

HF: Tommy Gun's offers a very diversified menu of services and caters to men of any age. I believe we have done a great job of making the experience a great place for any member of the family to enjoy. The service is great for the men and boys while the waiting area is interactive and fun for moms and sisters. Most importantly I think the consistency and level of customer service we provide to our guests puts us in a league of our own.

BTB: What have you noticed that is special or unique about the Tommy Gun's customer?

HF: I find we have a very diversified client base at Tommy Gun's. We see people of all ages and all professions. If makes the work day so enjoyable to be able to meet so many unique individuals.

BTB: What advice would you offer someone considering becoming a Tommy Gun's franchisee?

HF: I would highly recommend being actively involved in your store. Being involved in the day to day operations of the store allows you to get to know your staff and your guests and being able to promptly troubleshoot anything that may arise.

BTB: What are a few of your favorite things about the Tommy Gun's franchise?

HF: I love a lot of things about the Tommy Gun's franchise! The relaxed yet fun atmosphere, the d├ęcor, our team and their love for men's hair design.