SNAP Newspaper Group Franchisee Tony Vander Baaren

Date: MAR 17th, 2010

Topic: Spotlight on a Franchisee

Hard work spotlights the character of people and SNAP Newspaper Group franchisee Tony Vander Baaren, 45, is a prime example of just that. Tony got his start in the advertising franchise and marketing business as an account executive for MacLaren:LINTAS and climbed through the ranks of the ad business helping brand some of Canada’s largest companies.

Quickly realizing that he had a natural talent for business ownership and a true desire to continue in the marketing industry, Tony set his sights on a bright future. In 2005, after leaving Toronto ad agency Ambrose Carr Linton Carroll, Tony and his wife Graziella opened a SNAP Newspaper Group advertising franchise in Oshawa and the pair has never looked back since.

"From day one, I felt SNAP offered the best support for its franchisees and was backed by a great business model that enabled my wife and I to focus on what we do best, “says Vander Baaren. “I could not have made a better decision.”

In fact, Tony and Graziella also received the acknowledgement from their business piers as they received the New Enterprise Award from the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce after their first year in business in 2006. “This award was truly a reflection of both hard work and providing our community with a quality product” says Graziella.

SNAP Newspaper Group is the largest hyper-local and community-centered media companies in North America and provides a customer-driven marketing experience that is unparalleled in the industry. SNAP Newspaper Group franchisees establish grass-roots, community focused media companies backed by SNAP Newspaper Group’s proven business system that has made them Canada’s most adored publishing company.

“Within the second year of working with SNAP, Graziella and I purchased an additional SNAP franchise territory and added Whitby to our service area,” says Vander Baaren.

Tony has done so well in fact that each year he averages about a 25 percent increase in sales – even in the midst of a recession. Market potential is through the roof as old-school newspaper businesses continue to fold and collapse, unable to keep pace with both technology and consumer demand. The grass-roots and local media market offers strong growth potential because it is one of the few in the advertising and marketing industry that remains fragmented and without large-scale competitors.

Tony keeps a good mix of local advertising clients and with his wife Graziella by his side running the administration duties for the business, Tony focuses on the customer experience to fuel the success and growth of his business.

“Graziella and I make a great team and make it a point to deliver unbeatable service and go above and beyond for each and every one of our SNAP clients,” says Tony. “Advertisers trust us with their limited resources expecting us to do a great job, and that’s our intention on every project.”

Tony credits his accomplishments as a franchisee to his strong work ethic, desire for success and the support he receives from SNAP Newspaper Group Corporate.

“I would never be where I am today if I hadn’t invested in SNAP Newspaper Group,” added Vander Baaren. “Franchise ownership was truly the way to go for me and I will continue to provide top-notch service to clients throughout our Oshawa area.”