Inspiration Learning Center - CEO, Angel Kuang


Jan 18, 2019       Tell us about the Inspiration Learning Concept.

Angel Kuang:       Our vision at Inspiration Learning is founded upon a simple premise: every child is unique. This means education is not “one size fits all.” Nor should it be. In shaping education to the individual, it becomes a journey in which students begin to discover themselves and their own unique identities. Our belief is that a child should never have to be one person at home and someone entirely different at school.

At our schools, we implement a unique teaching methodology in combining learning practices from the eastern and western sides of the world. We believe that understanding the “big idea” is just as important as constant reviewing and testing for greatest opportunity of success for each student.        How and when did you become involved with Inspiration Learning?

Angel Kuang:       Inspiration Learning was first founded by me in 2003, as a tutoring center. We have since expanded to 12 learning centers across the GTA, providing students with services such as tutoring, high school credit courses, educational consultations, post-secondary school plans and application aid.        What was your background prior to joining Inspiration Learning?

Angel Kuang:        I have always had a passion for education, and I believe all students deserve a quality of learning that benefits them first. I have roots in education management in the east and have implemented teaching practices from there in conjunction with western ideologies practiced here. Together, it allows students to learn in the most productive way possible.        What are some of the advantages of being an Inspiration Learning franchisee?

Angel Kuang:       We provide many things for all our franchisees, such as: training; support; lead generation programs; cutting-edge educational technologies; branding campaigns; individual learning plans; as well as dedicated staff.  In addition to support, Inspiration Learning as a franchise is a proven business system with low overhead; corporately run centers; with reasonable startup costs; and is a member of the Canadian Franchise Association.        Who is your ideal Master Franchisee?

Angel Kuang:       The ideal Inspiration Franchisee is passionate about learning, teaching and the success of students. They do not necessarily have to be from the education industry, but they do have to have a love for education. I look for honesty, integrity and professionalism both from my franchisees as well as the staff that work with Inspiration Learning.        Tell us a little about the education market?

Angel Kuang:       Statistics in Canada have shown that in the year 2016, more than half (54.3%) of Canadians aged 24-64 had a post-secondary education (Stats-Canada). It has been shown that students that have attended private school or attend extracurricular education (such as tutoring) were more likely to get accepted into a post-secondary facility. By investing in education, it also gives you the opportunity to make a positive different is student’s lives while providing for your family and yourself.        What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

Angel Kuang:       I have personally grown every unit of my franchise, one-by-one. Through doing this, I have found that it is important to not only train my franchisees extensively, but to constantly provide regular support as they continue to grow the school on their own. Franchisees can call me any day, any time. There are many franchisees that I speak to almost daily in order to best understand how they are working their individual schools.  Finding that balance of having a good social standing while being a solid business mentor is an important relationship I nurture with anyone who works with me, franchisee or not.        What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire an Inspiration Learning Franchise?

Angel Kuang:       My advice to anyone looking into the education market, is to always be ready to learn. One must never stop learning and be open to new ideas as the people and industry is always changing. There is never a wrong method of learning or understanding, so long as you are open and willing to accept it. You will be surprised at what opportunities you may find.        In your opinion, why do you think that Inspiration would be a great opportunity?

Angel Kuang:       Parents today are looking for a higher quality of education. The incorporation of our eastern and western teaching methods makes it easy for us to stand out in the market. In conjunction with these ideologies, Inspiration Learning is a great place for individuals who are passionate about education. We are also a great place to start for those who do not have a lot experience with franchising as we provide you with all the resources you will need for success.

Our four pillars of income ensure all franchisees of inspiration have multiple sources of income; tutoring classes, high school credit courses, educational consulting, and our Inspiration Learning bookstore ensure all franchisees have a variety of opportunities to attract business and customers.

We understand we are molding the leaders of the future, and at the end of the day, we must do what is best for the children. We must be open to constant change as education evolves.

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