Franchise Regulations in Canada

Although there are several federal and provincial laws that apply to franchising, only five provinces have introduced laws that specifically apply to franchising. These provinces are Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick and their respective acts can be found using the links below.

At the federal level, various laws can apply to franchising such as income tax, competition, privacy, packaging and labeling, and intellectual property statutes. At the provincial level there are a number of laws that apply to franchising include consumer protection legislation, sales taxes, liquor licensing, and class action. Franchisors wishing to carry on business in Quebec must also comply with the Charter of the French Language of Quebec and the Quebec Civil Code.

Alberta Franchise Act
Alberta Franchise Regulations
Alberta Franchise Exemption Regulation
Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure)
Ontario Franchise Disclosure Regulations
Manitoba Franchises Act (Bill 15)
Manitoba Franchises Act (Bill 15) Regulations
New Brunswick
New Brunswick Franchises Act
New Brunswick Disclosure Regulations
New Brunswick Mediation Regulations
Prince Edward Island
Edward Island Franchise Act
Prince Edward Island Franchise Regulations