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Jun 22, 2023

Canadian Cleaning Franchise: Are These...

Cleaning is one franchise industry that has actually held pretty steady in Canada, and it's not hard to see why. People at home and businesses need cleaning services regularly, and many are...
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Jun 15, 2023

Some Businesses Should Not Be Franchised

If you run a business and are thinking of ways to grow it and make it more profitable, you may think that franchising it would be an easy way of accomplishing this. Franchising is often a smart...
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Jun 13, 2023

Family-Friendly Franchising

Many franchises are ideally suited to those with families, offering the flexibility of working during school hours and being able to take time off when necessary. Being your own boss, setting...
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May 23, 2023

How to terminate a franchise agreement

Although a franchisor will give you the tools, marketing material and network you need to make a success of your new business venture, there are occasions when things might not go the way you...
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May 16, 2023

How to finance a franchise

Unless you have enough personal savings to finance your franchise dreams, you will most likely need to seek funding from a lender, investor or government-backed entrepreneur program. Whichever...
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May 8, 2023

Celebrating Sustainability

Business sustainability is important. To be successful, a business must make long-term plans to ensure that it remains financially sustainable, meeting the needs of its customers and delivering...
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Apr 24, 2023

Technology Franchises

May 11 marks the annual National Technology Day, where businesses and individuals from all walks of life can celebrate technological advances and consider ways in which technology can be...
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Apr 20, 2023

Interesting Franchising Statistics

Franchising has an enormous impact on the Canadian economy, with approximately 45% of retail sales in the country being attributed to a franchised business [1]. This equates to around $585...
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Apr 12, 2023

Start Planning For Summer Break Now

Summer break will soon be upon us. Children will be out of school for several weeks, their parents will be looking for ways to keep them busy, and vacationers will be leaving town while tourists...
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Apr 6, 2023

Franchising Pitfalls To Avoid

Buying into a franchise makes a lot of sense. For those with strong business acumen, buying into an established brand provides a head start on marketing the business as potential customers are...
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Mar 22, 2023

Stop Food Waste Day 2023

Stop Food Waste Day will be held on April 26, 2023. This day offers an opportunity for all franchises, particularly those operating in the food industry, to draw attention to the problem and...
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