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Investment Level $750,001 ~ $1,000,000
Dennys Restaurant Franchise

Company History

Dennys Restaurant Franchise

Since its founding 50 years ago, Denny's has achieved an iconic status within the American restaurant industry. Founded in 1953 by entrepreneur, Harold Butler, Denny's started franchising its locations in 1963 to coincide with the emergence of the new Interstate highway system as it began to crisscross the nation. With nearly 1,700 full-service restaurants and revenues of more than $2.4 billion, Denny's is one of the largest, most popular restaurant chains in the world today.

Industry Outlook

The demand for affordable family-style restaurants continues to be strong throughout the world. Even during an economic downturn, family-style restaurants tend to do well because of their affordability. As one of the world's most recognizable brands, Denny's has a brand awareness level of almost 97 percent in the U.S. Currently, 87 percent of Denny's 2,000 restaurants worldwide are under franchise management and serve more than 26 million patrons annually.

Franchise Opportunities

Dennys Restaurant Franchise

One reason for Denny's popularity is its 24-hour breakfast service, which offers full breakfast dishes any time of the day or night. Another reason for Denny's success has been the high quality of its food, which coupled with generous helpings and affordable prices, has helped to make Denny's a favorite among family restaurants. From its famed Grand Slamm breakfasts to tasty entrees, appetizers and desserts, Denny's offers menu items designed to please every palate. By doing so, it has reached a level of success unmatched by other family restaurant chains. In keeping with the current demand, Denny's is committed to an aggressive growth strategy that includes expansion throughout the Canadian provinces, opening up Canadian franchise opportunities. Here are a few quick facts about investing in a Denny's franchise:Length of agreement: 20 years;Initial franchise fee: $40,000;Royalty fee: 4 percent of sales; Advertising fee: 4 percent of sales;Estimated initial investment: $1,178,515 to $2,396,165. This includes site preparation but does not include the cost of real estate. To qualify as a Denny's franchisee, you need to have a combined minimum net worth of $1,000,000, of which a total of $350,000 must be liquid. You also need to either be an experienced restaurant operator, or employ a restaurant operator who has at least four years managerial experience in the food industry. In addition, the operator needs to have a minimum 10 percent equity interest (or equivalent arrangement) in the franchise.

Key Benefits

As a Denny's franchisee, you'll be part of one of the most successful restaurant chains in the world.

In addition, you'll also enjoy these benefits:

  • The right to use all proprietary trademarks, as well as the Denny's operating system.
  • Ongoing operational assistance
  • Ongoing marketing and advertising activities for your restaurant
  • Real estate assistance to help you find your site
  • Prototype designs for interior ddcor and layout, in addition to signage
  • Assistance with grand opening
  • Ongoing menu innovations and continued enhancement and updating of the operational system
  • Continued field support for your location

In addition to all of these benefits, you'll be operating one of the most famous, recognized brand names in the world, with a proven successful track record for more than 50 years.

Stop working for someone else and enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur today.

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