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Investment Level $100,001 ~ $200,000

Enlighten Laser and Skin Care Clinic provides a new choice in laser treatments specializing in bringing aesthetic services to a brand new demographic of people who would previously never consider laser hair removal, body slimming, or skin rejuvenating treatments. Through a lower price point and a more welcoming, private environment, Enlighten strives to meet the need for not only the cosmetic service, but also provide an understanding of the implications of self esteem that often goes along with the cosmetic issues. The Enlighten brand is recognized as the go to choice for laser treatments where affordability meets professional quality.

Our Opportunity

You get all the benefits of being the CEO of your own company without reinventing the wheel, and with a proven business model!

Enlighten Laser grew to 10 locations in one province (Nova Scotia) within one year. With many of those locations only a few months old, the total sales generated totalled over 1 million dollars and growing. The total franchise fees collected along with royalties doubled that number to over 2 million. We are confident that the same model could be implemented in bigger territories for an even greater result and we believe the time is now to make the move. Your investment would include exclusive rights to develop locations in your specific area.

The Industry

Consider a new career in the fastest growing industry in North America! Eight years ago, laser treatments weren’t popular enough to even rank a mention in national plastic surgery statistics. But today, it's the second most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in Canada -- and its popularity is skyrocketing. Now is the time to join a lucrative industry, through an established and growing franchise focused on helping others. With a Franchise in your area you will have freedom to develop business on a large scale. You can be creative with the opportunity and own your locations corporately, or sell sub-franchise agreements of your own. We provide all the legal, media, and business support you need so you can focus on gaining market access.

It’s a big opportunity with big rewards. Benefits:

  • A proven business model in an exciting industry
  • Access to superior equipment and technology
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Extensive Sales and Marketing training
  • Learn the trade secrets the fast way!
  • All legal documents provided including waivers, consultation forms and more!
  • Training provided to become a certified laser technician

At Enlighten Laser, we strive to help our customers feel and look their best. This is a rewarding career opportunity for anyone who has a passion for the health and beauty industry. Imagine positively impacting the lives of others while also changing your own!

Jun 1, 2012

Sharlene Loveless - CEO of Enlighten Laser

Sharlene Loveless is a Newfoundland native with business savvy and a vision to provide Canadians with superior laser treatments at an affordable price. Sharlene founded Enlighten Laser with her twin...
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