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Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000

Extreme Pita was co-founded by brothers Alex and Mark Rechichi in 1997. It all started with a dream. The dream to create an innovative product heaping with nutrition; one that had variety, zest and the stamina to hold an unbelievable amount of quality meats, cheeses, sauces and veggies. Right from the start their idea was simple … sell fresh, and healthy food.

Alex and Mark turned to a type of bread that is highly nutritious, versatile enough to be used as a wrap (but strong enough to hold all those goodies!) and tastes really, really good! One thing was certain, they did not want their customers to get full on foot long loaves of bread with very little fresh toppings in between, so they turned to the Power of the Pita!

Since the beginning, Extreme Pita has been one of the most unique and rewarding food franchises in North America, growing at the rate of approximately one store per week.

what we’re
all about!

Extreme Pita was founded in February 1997, in
Waterloo, Ontario. Despite what may seem obvious,
our goal at the time was not to simply create the
greatest tasting pita sandwich imaginable. Instead,
what we set out to accomplish was to also provide
our customers the choice of something different; the
choice to eat at an establishment that truly
understands active lifestyles and healthy concerns. This
remains our guiding principle to this day.

“Inspiring Healthier Living™” is more than a simple
marketing cliché to us - these words, and the values
they represent, are the foundation of our offering. These
remain unchanged from the day we first opened our doors
to you.

The fact that we “succeeded” in
creating one of the greatest tasting pita sandwiches imaginable is merely one more benefit! So go ahead, try it once, we know you’ll be back!

Extreme Pita: The Right Concept

Today more than ever, people are turning away from traditional fast foods and discovering the benefits of fresh and healthy food. Research shows all age groups are concernedabout the food they eat. Extreme Pita strives to meet and exceed all of the expectations of today’s consumers who are looking for aquality, healthy alternative totraditional fast food. The best part about Extreme Pita is not the reduced fat and reduced calories, but that we will not sacrifice
taste.Extreme Pita has more than 200 locations open throughout Canada and the US, and is growing rapidly. This is the perfect time to own
an Extreme Pita franchise.

A Ground Floor Opportunity
With the saturation of numerous competing hamburger and sub-sandwich chains, Extreme
Pita offers an excellent opportunityfor growth. Extreme Pita’s outstanding productand proven operational system offer an excellentbusiness opportunity for energetic people looking for a franchise.

Economic Potential
We know we can only attract good people when we provide the opportunity for a ‘healthy’ return. While we supply the tools and the training, you are the one who will serve the customer. Even though you are part of a chain, and must abide our system standards, you are ultimately in control. The final and ultimate responsibility for your success will depend on how you build your business and satisfy your customers.

Franchising offers our entrepreneurs a sense of confidence that the business model works. By using Extreme Pita’s proven business systems and store operations, you have many advantages that are not available to you if you create a new business on your own.

We encourage you to contact our existing franchisees and inquire with them about their success. We will provide you with the names and phone numbers of our Extreme Pita franchisees. It is not mandatory for franchisees to provide you with figures, but most may be willing to discuss this information.

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