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Investment Level $500,001 ~ $750,000


Rasoee (RAH-SOH-EE) can be best described in three words:

While four generations of chefs have shaped Rasoee’s original recipes, in order to give Rasoee a modern presence these recipes have been modified to accommodate the North American palate and lifestyle. Our goal has been to create a scalable, quick-casual, contemporary Indian restaurant concept and chain that serves high quality, healthy cuisine, within minutes, at affordable prices. With that objective firmly achieved, Rasoee is now going through a rapid expansion and growth phase with franchisees that are energetic and entrepreneurial minded.

The growth coincides with the fast growing demand from consumers, across North America, for healthy eating and ethnic flavors (especially Indian). Consumers are embracing these new flavors while also tapping into the medicinal properties of Indian spices – a considerable “plus” to the Rasoee offering. Our research shows, and our repeat customers prove, that today’s consumer continues to be eager to experience Rasoee’s quality food offering and ambiance. Customers have asked for it. And Rasoee has delivered. Welcome to Rasoee. MODERN. INDIAN. DELIVERED.

Rasoee has made very significant investments in the company in order to maximize success for everyone involved. For example, we’ve has invested in attracting, to our corporate team, outstanding talent from the franchise and other related industries. As well, we have gone to considerable lengths refining and simplifying our store operating systems. Without a doubt these systems are some of the most streamlined, easy-to-follow and efficient food franchise processes in the industry.


  • No cooking: There are no chefs or cooks in the Rasoee system at store level.
  • Low Labour costs are a key component with Rasoee, only minimal staff needed and many stores run on 2 staff members.
  • Virtually no food wastage: Our food is made to the highest standards, pre-packaged and shipped to you directly. There is minimal waste. Any food from the steam table that is not used by the end of the day goes back in the refrigerator and comes out, tasting even better, the next day.
  • Minimal Venting: OOur restaurants do not require full featured kitchen hoods, reducing a large cost from the standard restaurant buildout.
  • Marketing Initiatives: We offer marketing programs that are inexpensive and deliver maximum impact. They are uniquely designed for your store, your community and to specifically benefit you. They are easy to execute and fun! All initiatives are tailored to make your customers feel part of the Rasoee Family.
  • Social Media: Rasoee is engaged in Social Media creating an engaging experience for consumers and generating brand awareness for the Franchise on multiple fronts.
  • Local Distribution of all our foods means that our Franchise Owners have access to quality products virtually any day they need them with no interruption to their business. All products are housed and shipped from a locally owned and operated distributor based in the Vancouver area.


Here at Rasoee, we have an extensive 2 week training program that includes:
  • In-Store Operations
  • Local Store Marketing
  • Administration
  • Labour Management
  • Service Excellence and Food Safety

You are guided one on one with the Rasoee team in various aspects of the training depending on the stage that you are at in the program. An evaluation of your staff and store are also done during this two week period to identify exceptional areas for business growth in your store’s trade area. We have an extensive Operation’s manual and various employee workbooks to assist you in easy store operations. Once the store construction is completed, a Rasoee Operations individual will be there by your side to assist you again for the initial week to ten days so that you launch successfully.

Continued training is available for additional managers or supervisors if the Franchise Owner wants to give additional benefits to key employee’s that have shown potential in the Rasoee restaurant operations.

Rasoee – JOIN US!

Rasoee is an attractive business in a rapidly expanding food segment in Canada. We have positioned ourselves as the leader in the Indian food franchise category. The company is locally owned and operated and has an executive team based in the Lower Mainland. Our team is accessible to our Franchise partners at any time.

Thank you for considering a franchise partnership with Rasoee, one of Canada’s most exciting new franchise concepts.

Jul 13, 2010

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