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    $100,001 - $200,000
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    Pets, Business Opportunities, Business For Women, Canadian Franchises, Franchises For Women, Mompreneur, Nutritional, Retail
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Tail Blazers is Now Expanding to Ontario


The Company

Tail Blazers in Ontario store

Tail Blazers “Health Food Store For Pets” has been helping improve the health of pets by supplying the best, natural foods available since 2000. We started out as one small store in the heart of Calgary, and the response by pet guardians was incredible as they saw enormous improvement in the health of their pets! Franchising soon followed. Success has come from our passion for the natural pet industry as well as our business expertise, extensive product research, knowledge and hands on skills acquired while working with pets on a daily basis.

The Healthy Side of the Pet Food Industry

Tail Blazers Pet Franchise Ontario store

The natural pet industry is a growth industry, and Tail Blazers has been at the forefront of this movement. In Canada, approximately 35% of households have dogs and 38% have a cat. With an upward trend for healthy foods, it is a great industry to be involved in! Plus, healthy pets are happy pets and it is satisfying to have the opportunity to improve the lives of companion pets.

Tail Blazers offers THE healthiest selection of species appropriate food
and treats, with no double standards (eg: selling healthy and
un-healthy foods next to each other). This commitment to the health
of pets helps to ensure the success of our franchisees. Tail Blazers pet franchise OntarioOur diverse training program will prepare you for all the day to day business operations as well as helping pet guardians choose great nutrition! We work with you on all aspects of your store set-up, from site selection to layout to initial stocking order. Once your store is up and running, we are here to help answer your questions and work with you to increase sales. A comprehensive franchise marketing plan includes but is not limited to,
online, social media, events, print and unique offerings such as our iPhone app.

Some of the benefits to being part of the Tail Blazers team are:

Tail Blazers Ontario pet franchise
  • 100% commitment to carrying ONLY the highest quality foods and products, to make a difference in the lives of pets and to ensure your success.
  • One of the lowest franchise royalty fees in the industry, but yet the most experienced and diverse franchise support team. Plus no hidden fees!
  • Education is one of our highest priorities both for franchisees and for customers.
  • We support individual franchisee store and location needs by allowing for personalization within the Tail Blazers parameters.
  • Largest and best displayed raw food freezers in the industry, with
    the knowledge to support it!

Do you love pets, care about their health and want to own a successful business? Then join our winning team at Tail Blazers “Health Food Store for Pets”!