Tail Blazers Franchisee - Mel Elliot


Feb 05, 2014

Becoming a Tail Blazers owner was the best decision I’ve ever made! I started learning about holistic health and nutrition about 5 years ago, and when I decided I wanted to own my own store I needed to find one with the same beliefs and principles that I had.

Tail Blazers has extremely high standards, and strict approval processes for which foods, treats, and all other products that are allowed to be carried. This provides tremendous peace of mind for myself and all of my customers! I know once I’ve been told a product has been approved I don’t have to think twice about it because of how stringent the approval process is. It takes any guesswork out of shopping from a customer perspective as well.

While head office is very strict about investigating all of our products, they are also very encouraging of individuality at each location. They understand that we as owners are all different people, and each location will have different sales trends. We have complete freedom to pick and choose our inventory from our approved products list. This is great because it allows owners to adapt to changing trends in their own stores!

The support and availability from head office is second to none - there’s always someone to answer a question, or help solve any issues! Being able to call up the founder of Tail Blazers at any time and actually get him on the phone is so reassuring.

As a Tail Blazers franchisee, I’ve been able to grow my own unique store, while using the structure and expertise of an existing system. I have become a very successful business owner at a young age, and I would recommend to anyone who is serious about pets and their health, to consider this as an incredible opportunity!