Tail Blazers Franchise Expands into Braeside


Mar 03, 2015

For Immediate Release (March, 3, 2015). We would like to announce the opening of a new Tail Blazers “Health Food Store For Pets” location in Calgary at 40, 11440 Braeside Dr SW on Saturday, February 28th! Tail Blazers started in Calgary almost fifteen years ago with the goal of improving the health of pets through nutrition. Over this time, the now thirteen stores across Canada have had countless success stories of pets with improved health from eating Tail Blazers’ food.

Tail Blazers store carries a large variety of healthy, species appropriate and grain-free foods. Raw, dry, dehydrated, freeze dried and canned foods are available for dogs and cats. In addition to those foods, Tail Blazers carries a wide selection of accessories, raw bones, toys, and healthy treats. We also stock many environmentally friendly products (eg: toys), locally made products and implement earth friendly practices in-store.

We ONLY stock high quality foods containing ingredients that are healthy and beneficial for dogs and cats. Each product must meet strict criteria before it is brought in. We believe in species appropriate foods, where meat is the main ingredient and NO hard to digest ingredients such as corn, soy, wheat or artificial colours/additives. Tail Blazers also has a wide selection of natural, non-invasive solutions for many common ailments that affect dogs and cats, just as joint pain or digestive issues.

Tail Blazers in Braeside is owned and operated by Suzanne and Lanny Wilson. From a very early age Suzanne has wanted a career that involved dogs. That time has now come! After over 25 years in the corporate world, she has made the leap to Tail Blazers owner, as well as becoming a fully trained canine behavior professional as part of her commitment to Pixie’s Playhouse Dog Care, which she operates from inside Tail Blazers.

Pets add years to our lives, now it’s time we add some to theirs!