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Number of units 23
Investment Level $400,001 ~ $500,000
Franchising Since 2012
Royalty Fee 0%

Vin Bon Franchise


Investment Level: $300,000 - $350,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $37,500  (10 year term)
Advertising Fee: 4% Corporate + 2% Local


Vin Bon Franchise


Vin Bon Micro Boutique Winery

An enterprising banker, Angelo Locilento recognized the potential of the wine making business in the Canadian marketplace and began to establish a chain of retail locations.  Four years ago the business model changed and Vin Bon became a Franchise Opportunity, where consumers could select the highest quality fresh juice for wine making and have our wine makers craft them a personalized individual batch of wine at our Boutique Micro Wineries. Vin Bon has become the industry leader of imported juice for craft wine making, with all of our franchise wine makers winning awards for wines crafted in their store.

It’s all about the juice……

At a fraction of the price and with an unconditional quality guarantee Vin Bon was able to expand rapidly. Currently at 23 franchise units in the GTA, Vin Bon has decided to go back to their roots of owner-operated Vin Bon Franchises where the business, the wine and the customers make business a joy not a job.

Whether its wine taken home and crafted or in a Vin Bon Franchise location, our customers can be assured of consistent top-quality wine to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Be part of a Canadian Success Story……Proudly Canadian since 1978. Now is the right time for you to invest in the fruits of success.


Vin Bon


Be Part Of A Canadian Success Story

According to the LCBO, Statistics Canada and the Canadian Vintners Association wine consumption continues to be on the rise in Canada and shows no sign of slowing down.  The demand for wine has continued to increase and the price of everything has done the same. At Vin Bon, we are a “turn-key” solution for franchise owners to offer expertise to consumers.

Vin Bon Franchisees not only sell the best juice, but they also enjoy a PROVEN retail concept that has been successfully operating for over 39 years. Our locations have longevity and our growth is due to increased demand for our products from the consumer and a demand from investors asking us about having their own Vin Bon Franchise Boutique Micro Winery.


Vin Bon Franchise Offers

Affordable investment opportunity

Simple ‘turn-key’ model

No on-going royalties

On-going product innovation

Corporate Marketing campaigns throughout the year

Intensive training course including both classroom and hands on in-store training

Hands on operational support

Local Marketing Support Program

Assistance with securing appropriate financing

Professional Site selection and lease negotiation assistance

  Vin Bon Wine


How Much Does It Cost To Become a Vin Bon Franchisee?

The investment required to open Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery can vary, factors including but not limited to the type of location and the condition of the unit all have an impact on the development cost. A vast majority of our franchisees lease their locations and the financial requirements for our standard 1600 square foot leased location typically fall into the following range;

Available Working Capital: $150,000
Ability to finance: $150,000-$200,000