Vin Bon Franchise - Philip Locilento, President


Feb 02, 2018

Philip Locilento - President

Philip Locilento is the President of Vin Bon Franchise Corporation and has been the President of Mosto California Grape Ltd. since 1994. Mr. Locilento has been engaged in the winemaking business since 1985 and brings his years of experience and knowledge to the business.   Philip knew in order to expand and grow, changes needed to be made.  With the perfected Vin Bon model, Philip created Vin Bon Boutique Micro Wineries as the franchise brand in 2012 and began selling the franchises in Ontario.  He is the visionary to grow our model significantly over the next several years.

It takes great care and attention to detail to make a truly great wine. Philip is a second generation wine maker and oversees the daily operations to ensure VIN BON’s standard of product quality is uncompromised and consistent, in order to produce top-quality wines.    Tell us about the Vin Bon concept.     

Philip Locilento: Vin Bon Franchise is a modern urban Boutique Micro Winery that brings the very best of wine culture to communities across the country, on a personal level. Combining elements of the traditional winemaking experience with the emerging craft wine concept, Vin Bon creates a diverse selection of wines and offers customers an opportunity to engage intimately with a historically exclusive lifestyle. As it seeks to bring the winery experience to the people, Vin Bon presents an innovative, versatile concept that treats guests to quality wines, a relaxing atmosphere, and a cultural experience like no other. We create each batch, one at a time, keeping each customer's personal taste in mind. We start with exceptional quality juice and grapes imported from around the World and crafted by our own Master Winemaker. We are Ontario’s largest Boutique Micro Winery with almost 40 years as a craft winery, offering a truly custom-vinting experience.


BTB:     How and when did you become involved with Vin Bon? 

PL: My father Angelo Locilento started Vin Bon in 1979.  I got involved with Vin Bon as a teenager working in production filling orders and serving customers at our Head Office on Saturdays.  Once I finished school, I joined Vin Bon full-time.  In 1994 I became President of our juice company, Mosto California Grape Ltd., and recognized changes in the market place and how our customers were buying.  These changes initiated the move to franchising.  We rolled out our new look at our corporate store in Maple and used this as the showpiece for Vin Bon Franchise, which including state of the art winery grade equipment to make us the best in our industry.


BTB:     What are some of the advantages in being a Vin Bon franchisee?

PL: This is what a Vin Bon Franchisee can expect for support when entering into a Franchise Agreement and ongoing once the business is open:

·        Affordable investment opportunity

·        Simple ‘turn-key’ model

·        Corporate Marketing campaigns throughout the year

·        Intensive training course including both classroom and hands on in-store training

·        On-going product innovation

·        Hands on operational support

·        Local Marketing Support Program

·        Assistance with securing appropriate financing

·        Professional Site selection and lease negotiation assistance

·        No on-going royalties 


BTB:     Who is your ideal franchisee?

PL: Someone who has a passion for wine, and is extremely customer centric in their approach to retail, and serving customers.


BTB:     Tell us a little about the Craft Wine Market?

PL: There are very few competitors in our industry.  We are the only Craft Boutique Micro Winery Franchise in Canada.  We are also the only Craft Winery that offers the highest quality Fresh Juice for wine making, all the other competitors use concentrated grape juice from kits.  Starting with a higher quality fresh product ensures the wine will end up being a higher quality wine.