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The History of the Old Fashioned Wendy's Hamburger

Wendys Franchise

As the era of rock and roll was drawing to a close in 1969, the first Wendy's old fashioned hamburger was served in Michigan. Dave Thomas named his first restaurant after his fourth daughter, using her image on memorabilia and marketing material. The original selling point for that first meal remains today; traditional hamburgers are square and made from authentic, fresh beef, which necessitates that each dish is made to order. In a counterintuitive move, Wendy's became the first fast food outlet to offer a salad bar in 1979. It took only 21 years for the restaurant to establish 2,000 outlets. Eight years later, the old fashioned burger went international, as Thomas took his concept across borders. Wendy's has built a name for itself through its causes and this tendency debuted early when Thomas set up The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which focused on finding steadfast, affectionate homes for orphaned children. By 1992, the world had been treated to 4,000 Wendy's outlets, but Thomas was not yet satisfied with the level of idealism being created through the chain. In a grand attempt to improve the Wendy's conscience, he attained his GED and worked towards building the idealistic wholesomeness behind the brand. A merger with Triarc turned the franchise into a public company. In 2012, the Wendy's logo received a facelift which appeared on websites and outlets.

The Burger Industry

The hamburger industry's top trio of international leaders consists of Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy's. Whilst Wendy's is the third largest hamburger chain, it produces the second highest revenue in the industry. Its leading status is undoubtedly attained through the quality of its beef, given that two thirds of fast food fans choose their outlets according to the quality of the burger itself. Half of North American consumers choose fast food outlets as their burger suppliers and this demand for a combination of quick and wholesome quality gives Wendy's the competitive edge. The Wendy's franchise in Canada has continued to increase its revenue despite the recession. Inexpensive indulgences will be a major market trend during 2013, as the economic climate makes more austere treats difficult to afford. Demand for fast food formats rather than full service restaurants is predicted to grow in the coming year as demand for interactive service grows. At the same time, the growing concern to support chains with values will mean further growth for the chain in the near future.

The Wendy's Opportunity

Wendys Franchise

Those who invest in Wendy's old fashioned burgers instantly win the brand strength of a chain that has achieved success for decades. This potent brand is won in exchange for a low investment cost. The introduction of wholesome sandwiches and salads to the menu makes room for a new demographic. The franchisor offers a proven infrastructure to support the menu and shop front ddcor, but franchisees receive the unique opportunity to make strategic choices about trading hours, interior ddcor and wages.

Core Benefits

  • Months of extensive training of franchisees including on site guidance.
  • The ability to manage the business off site.
  • The provision of local and national advertising campaigns.
  • A fully developed range of famous dishes and a logo that wins instant consumer recognition and trust.

Stop working for someone else and enjoy the freedom of being an entrepreneur today.

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