Wendy's Undergoes Facelift


May 08, 2013

In February 2013, Wendy's announced the launching of a new, contemporary logo for its restaurant chain. Since then, the redesigned logo has begun to appear in all of Wendy's advertising, signage and digital imaging and has also been imprinted on staff uniforms, menu boards and product packaging.

The iconic image of a red-haired Wendy in pigtails remains but has been updated with a fresh, more modern look. In addition, the "Wendy's" name is now displayed in a more contemporary script.

The logo change signals the start of a new wave of updates, according to Emil Brolick, president and CEO of the Wendy's chain. Brolick said that the Wendy's brand is being transformed to include bold, new restaurant designs, fresh, innovative food items and an improved customer service ethic. This evolution of the company brand and business model, Brolick added, will reinforce Wendy's position as a cut above the competition.

Starting in March, all product packaging, cups, bags and other paper items have been printed with the new logo. Starting in June, Wendy's crew members will receive brand new crew uniforms with updated, modern designs.

In addition to logo changes, Wendy's employees, customers and franchise owners can also expect to see new menu innovations throughout the year, including a significantly expanded value menu, which the company has renamed the "Right Price Right Size Menu."

Wendy's locations are also due to receive an "Image Activation" makeover. This will include features such as flat-screen televisions, Wi-Fi and digital menu boards, in addition to lounge seating and fireplaces. Starting in January 2013, 75 Wendy's restaurants were newly constructed or redesigned as "Image Activation" restaurants. Throughout 2013, another 200 restaurants throughout North America are slated to undergo this design update. According to Wendy's executives, the company plans to re-image 50 percent of its North American restaurants before the end of 2015.

The new redesign promises to put Wendy's in a more prominent place among casual family dining restaurants, which is good news for franchisees. According to industry reports, casual family dining restaurants continue to show strong revenue increases. In addition, Wendy's "Image Activation" restaurants have seen a 25 percent increase in sales volumes since the renovations were completed earlier this year.

Wendy's is also updating its interactive presence with consumers, thanks to its Engagement with Consumers program, which has been expanded to include a "Claim Your Taste" experience. This digital platform allows customers to install a nutrition app on their portable devices. With just a touch of the button, customers can plan their meals ahead of time based on nutritional values and caloric content. In addition, the Wendy's website,wendys.com, has been completely overhauled for a more interactive consumer experience. Already, results are showing that web users are starting to engage more with the Wendy's brand in their social media sites.

According to Craig Bahner, Wendy's chief marketing officer, this transformation signals the emergence of a dynamic new company that is paying attention and responding to the needs of consumers. For people with a franchise in Canada and elsewhere, these changes signal a vibrant, revitalized presence for Wendy's in the fast food/casual dining market.