3 Canadian Franchise Marketing Trends for 2021

Part of the success of any business is the strength of its marketing, and this is certainly true of franchisees. You need to reach as many people in your province or area as possible to have the best chance of growing and expanding a customer base.

For strong marketing, you need to use relevant tactics. Otherwise, you'll get lost in the shuffle. Here are the top trends for franchise marketing we're seeing for 2021 and likely beyond.


Digital marketing is still king

We're clearly still in the digital age, but the pandemic has increased the need for strong digital marketing. It's no longer about how you will use digital marketing in your campaigns; now, you've got to prioritize it.

With many people still working from home going forward and all the benefits businesses are seeing from remote work setups, your leads are likely spending more time than ever online. These are leads who are primed for your messages as long as you can reach them.

Remarking (the use of codes to track users to show relevant ads) and geotargeting are poised to become more important and effective as people do more of their business online. To convert leads, you'll need to keep your messaging on the screens of potential customers or clients.


Values marketing matters

Having a great system isn't enough anymore. These days, you need to make what you stand for clear as well. Values marketing in franchising means being direct and clear on your website and social media about what your business stands for, what causes you support and where your time and money go. If your franchise contributes to a charity or has started one of its own, now is the time to make that known to your audience so they view you as more than just a corporate entity.


Customers want an experience

People want an experience when it comes to buying a good or service from your franchise. The type of experience you can deliver depends on your brand and what you are selling, but chances are there is a way to make this happen. Get creative, but stay within the bounds of your franchisor's rules. If you think the customer or client experience can be improved, speak to your franchisor about your ideas.

Reaching potential customers is how you will maintain and grow your customer base. Make sure you are on top of the latest marketing trends so you can stay ahead of your competition.