3 Ways to Bring a Culture of Care Into Your Franchise

One of the more challenging aspects of being a new franchisee is establishing your company's culture. Even if you just have one or two employees now, the culture you create at your Canadian franchise will have a lasting impact on your company and even your success.

A culture of care in which employees feel valued and listened to is how employees thrive. However, this isn't something that can be built in one night. It takes planning and, of course, follow-through by you as the leader. Try the three ways below to begin creating a culture of care in your franchise today.


Know your team

Take the time to know your employees; as the backbone in your business operations, they do deserve your attention. Listen to what they say, understand what makes them tick and give them real chances to offer feedback. Allow them to know you as well, and be sure to emulate the culture you want to foster.


Hire with due care

You should always be careful about whom you hire from practical standpoints, but you should consider personalities when you are crafting a culture, too. Seat warmers aren't going to work here; you'll need team members who are actively engaged and believe in the culture you are working to create. Have a strict screening process for your on-boarding so that any new hires meet your own requirements and enhance the team.

If you're having a hard time finding new employees who will fit into your culture, consider talking to current employees you're happy with as they may know of people who will fit right in! When you can, create and use an employee referral program. This will help motivate existing employees to help you find new ones.


Reward a job well done

People naturally like to have their good work recognized, so don't forget to take the time to celebrate success. Offer recognition on a continuing basis for those doing their jobs well. Acknowledge work anniversaries and birthdays. You don't need grand gestures; simple words and a small token, such as a gift card, can go a long way.

Creating a culture of care in your franchise is the rare win-win: it's the right thing to do and a solid business move. When your team knows you care about them as people, it gives them motivation to care more for your customers, your other staff and your business. When you are able to create stronger customer relationships and lower employee turnover, your business will be set to thrive for the right reasons.