3 Ways to Motivate Employees At Your Franchise

As a prospective franchisee, one of the many things you may be concerned about is your employees. Good employees, after all, are the backbone of a successful Canadian franchise. Without them, it will be tough to attract and maintain your customers.

The key to developing a strong team of employees is motivating them right from the first day. Even if you're not ready to hire employees just yet, keep the following tips in mind so you're ready to keep them engaged and energized in your business when you do.


Be the example

You are going to be the example to your employees at your franchise. Consider how you approach tasks and whether the environment you are creating is positive. Do you go to tasks right away or procrastinate? Do you get frustrated easily? The answers to these questions will tell you where you may need to improve your own attitude and behavior so you are someone you want your employees to emulate.

In addition to setting the right tone, you should be ready to let your workers know when they are hitting their marks. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stick around and stay engaged than ones who feel ignored or underappreciated. On top of that, when you are not stingy with your compliments, it will be easier to offer some constructive criticism to an employee when it is needed. When an employee truly feels appreciated and heard, they are going to be more receptive to your suggestions or corrections.


Carve a path upward

Even in a small franchise, you can create ways for employees to move up. This can be paid training, paid courses, raises or promotions. When there is some sort of ladder to climb, employees will be more motivated to reach toward a higher goal. Employees who are stagnating are far less likely to push their own boundaries.

If you have concerns about finances when it comes to offering employees advancement paths, you can use some creative ways to offer growth that don't break the bank. Special titles, coupons or even item discounts given to employees for reaching certain goals is still something that can help them feel like there is something more to aim for than just dealing with customers every day.


Know your employees

Figure out what makes each of your employees tick. When you know who your workers are, you can tailor things to meet their needs better. Find out what motivates them at work and how they define success. You will be able to learn some of this by observation, but don't be afraid to ask employees for their input, too. When employees feel as if they matter to you as an individual, it will create a more positive environment in your franchise.

Your employees are often the first person representing your brand that a customer has contact with. It's crucial this first impression is a good one, so aim to keep your employees motivated from the very first day they step into your workplace.