4 Scheduling Tips for Employees in Your New Canadian Franchise

Ask any experienced Canadian franchisee and they will all tell you the same thing: a new franchise tends to feel a little like controlled chaos. The business is new, may feel strange, and while there is somewhat of a pattern to every day, there isn't complete consistency.

Scheduling employees at your new franchise is pretty similar to this feeling. One day, an employee is ill and can't come in. Another day, an employee does really well and has record sales. The early days of your franchise will see you facing new situations to handle, and good staffing is how you can help keep everything balanced. Before you get entirely set in your scheduling ways, consider the franchise employee scheduling tips below.


Identify your strongest employee

Efficient employees complete tasks, minimize labour costs and contribute to your revenue via better processes or sales at the same time. It's very likely you have or will have an employee who is exactly like this, and that is the employee who should serve as your "hub" for scheduling patterns. Doing this will help ensure you have capable coverage on your most demanding shifts or on shifts with new employees who could benefit from their example.


Automate your employee scheduling management

Speak to your franchisor about employee management software if you haven't heard about or been given access to this already. You can also empower employees and reduce the time needed to manage the schedule if your software allows employees to find coverage for their own shifts when they need to change their hours.


Foster clear communication

Sometimes, an employee not showing up for a shift is simply a matter of misunderstanding. Regardless of whether you are handwriting a schedule or using software, your system must communicate well and be easy for employees to access. You should also be consistent in how you communicate things like shift changes to staff. Leaving voicemails one month about a shift change and texting the next will only serve to confuse your employees.


Keep your scheduling nimble

Part of keeping your employees happy and more productive is accommodating their preferred times off whenever you can. We all need some flexibility at times, and your employees will appreciate it when you make an attempt to understand their situations. When you are more flexible in scheduling with them, they will be more flexible with you when it comes to taking extra shifts or working longer hours during your busy times.

Creating schedules for your employees at your new franchise can be stressful in the beginning. It may take some time for you to get comfortable and know how and when the scheduling needs will change. With a solid staff system, you can be flexible for your employees and your new franchise's needs.