4 Signs It's Time to Change Your Career

No matter what industry you are employed in, there will always be work to do and times when it won't be easy. If you love what you do, the work will be something you want to do and won't feel so strenuous. However, if you don't love your career, now may be the time to consider starting your own business with a Canadian franchise. If you are seeing these signs that it's time to shift career gears, being your own boss may be the next phase of your work career.

Your confidence isn't what it was

Working close to 40 hours or more a week doing something you don't enjoy can drain your confidence over time. Keep in mind that your job isn't a measure of who you actually are as a person, and that this happens to a lot of people. When you work in an area you care about, you will likely regain your confidence and may become more confident than you ever were before.

You're not being valued

It's time to look elsewhere when you are not feeling appreciated in your job. As a franchisee, you will not be relying on someone else to tell you what a good job you're doing; the success of your business will demonstrate that to you.

You've hit your personal ceiling

When you work for someone else, there is always a ceiling on what you can do. Eventually, there will be no more promotions, and you will be stuck where you are. When you work for yourself, that ceiling doesn't apply. If, for example, your first location is doing well, you can buy another unit and expand the business elsewhere.

Your interests are somewhere else

Struggling to get through your workday isn't always about how much you make, how appreciated you feel, or how high up the ladder you can climb. Sometimes, it's because you are simply not interested in what you are doing at all.

As a franchisee, you can look into industries that actually align with what interests you. If, for example, you are a gym person, a fitness franchise could be a way to go. If you enjoy working with kids, there are many child product and services franchise opportunities out there. With all the brands operating in Canada today, there is a large variety of industries for you to chose from for your new franchise.

Owning a franchise isn't easy, and it will require commitment and hard work. Nevertheless, if you feel that your career has gotten stagnant, it's certainly an avenue worth considering.