5 Less-Talked-About Leadership Qualities Every Franchisee Needs

As you consider or begin your new Canadian franchise venture, you've likely considered whether you have the leadership qualities necessary to succeed as a franchisee. You may have already thought about common qualities in a leader, such as a clear vision, there are some other characteristics you also need to consider.


Clear values

A good leader will do what is needed for the health of the franchise without compromising core values such as honesty and integrity. From hiring methods to the management of internal policies, a strong leader will be a model of ethics for their employees. Employees do recognize when a manager sacrifices easy money to do what is right. If you want a conscientious staff, you must be the type of person you want to develop in that staff.


Ability to really listen

When someone shares a concern or idea, the only appropriate response from you is to listen. While something like a schedule conflict, for example, may have an easy solution, working with the employee shows that you understand their concern and will respond with real understanding. Overall, your employees will become better advocates for your business when you are willing to listen to them.


Innovative problem-solving skills

Sometimes, when you run your own business, you may have to make judgments that fall outside of your policies and rules. You must be able to solve problems and work with your employees to find reasonable solutions.


Drive to improve

There is always more to learn, but it can be easy to forget this when you are running a business. Part of being a real leader means showing you are willing to try new things and change policies or procedures when there may be a better way available.


Ability to see ahead

When you are a good leader, you see the future of your business and the roles of each of your employees within it. Your workers will appreciate that you can see the long-term plan, and they can also see what career development paths are available and the value of their contributions to the company.

As a leader of a franchise, you have followers: your employees. They will trust and follow your guidance, so you need to set the right tone. Sharpen your hold on the five qualities above so you can develop a team that will help you take your franchise to the next level.