6 Things You Should Never Say as a Franchisee

One of the most alluring features of being a Canadian franchisee is the idea of becoming your own boss. Unless you are just a silent partner, your new Canadian franchise will put you in the role of a supervisor of other people, either right at the start or down the road as your business grows. Doing well in your role as a boss will be necessary for the success of your location. Happy employees mean happy customers, and it also works the opposite way.

While your franchise will probably provide you with training and guidance on how to monitor and hire your staff, if you've never been the boss before, it can be a bit of a culture shock. Check out the following six sentences that should never come out of your mouth when you're dealing with your employees.


"This is how we've always done it."

While you do need to stick to the things that are required in your franchise system, there are some areas where you can make improvements. Employees are often great at identifying where things can be more efficient or cost-effective as they will notice things you may have missed while they are learning the system. Even if their suggestion isn't plausible, take the time to explain why and let them know you appreciate and encourage their sharing of ideas with you.


"The company is MINE."

While your business is yours, you don't want to keep pulling rank. Your employees know that you are in charge, and the constant reminders of that fact will just alienate them.


"What is the newest gossip?"

Employees gossip, but it's not something you want to encourage in any way as it can lead to a completely dysfunctional staff and a toxic working environment. You set the tone in your business, and if you participate in gossip, you’re sending the signal that it is okay to do.


"I'm just too busy."

The act of owning a Canadian franchise means extra hours and a lot of work. Naturally, you will be busy, but you can't display a lack of empathy toward your employees as a result. If you can't do something for them right now, simply tell them to come back later when you are more available - and see that through.


"That client is just small, anyway."

In certain franchises, like those in the business-to-business sector, clients come in different sizes. Clients who pay less than some others need to be treated the same way as a top-spending customer. If you treat them differently, your employees will too, and that can damage your brand reputation and lead to disputes among staff over who gets to serve certain clients.


"I'll just do it."

If you are a hands-on manager, it can be tempting to give in to frustration and do things yourself, but your business won't grow if you're handling everything. Your workers need to become self-sufficient, and they can't do that if you're always doing things for them.

If you find yourself uttering something along the lines of the statements above, take a deep breath and regroup. There will be some effort involved in developing the right attitude as a manager, but practice makes (almost) perfect!