A Better & Faster Way For Business Customers To Deposit Cheques

There is a seamless and secure cheque scanning solution for businesses. Imagine depositing cheques online 24/7, from your office or from wherever it’s convenient for your business.

Imagine making deposits more quickly and improving your cash flow. And, just imagine the time and money you’ll save by not having to make trips to the bank.

It’s all possible, with Deposit Edge.

How it Works: Deposit Edge takes advantage of an easy-to-use desktop scanner and web-based software to securely image your cheques, allowing you to deposit them into your designated business account.

How it Can Benefit Your Business: Whether your business has a number of locations processing hundreds of cheques, or a single office, processing just a few, Deposit Edge can help you:

  • Control and streamline your collection process
  • Accelerate your cash flow
  • Increase security and efficiency
  • Save time and money

Getting Started: Our experienced team helps you select the best scanner for your needs, configures the system to fit your unique business needs and provides ongoing support.

Although Deposit Edge is new to Canada, the United States has been using this service since 2005.

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