Building Franchise Brand Loyalty

The social culture and marketplace of Canada today does not really encourage brand loyalty, so as a Canadian franchisee, you've got to earn that through experience instead. Many of those experiences will be at the local level, so this is in your court even if your franchiser has a robust national advertising strategy. Check out the main four angles to consider when you're building brand loyalty so you can start your own brand army today.


Target your demographic

You need to know exactly who your demographic is and hone in on them, especially on your social media pages for your location. It is not enough to include that demographic in your outreach overall; you really need to make sure you are speaking directly to them as they are the group that is most likely to spread the word about your business to others.


Use storytelling to its full advantage

Part of any great brand experience is the storytelling involved, and you want stories that will convey the personality and culture of your brand. You can do this in ways your customers are sure to connect with, whether it is online, via your social media channels or in your locations. Your ideal approach will depend on your brand, but keep in mind that an element of entertainment tends to be something that you need to grab people's attention.


Rise above the static

Your advertising should be driven in part by your core demographic. Think about your core demo and brainstorm ideas on how to reach them that are outside of the traditional advertising methods and mediums. You want to cut right through the clutter of other brands and reach your target audience in ways that are unique from everyone else. This will mean thinking outside the box, so be prepared to tap into your creative side for some amazing results!


Recognize your loyal fans

This will naturally be subject to the rules of your franchiser, but start rewarding your loyal customers if you can. Nothing breeds brand loyalty faster than free products! It can be as simple as free promotional items or food at your location; you don't have to break the bank to make your customers feel appreciated. A small event at a location that includes giveaways is a great way to connect with loyal fans and grab the attention of your local media.