Canadian Cleaning Franchise: 3 Things to Consider

Certain overlooked Canadian franchise sectors were back in the spotlight during the pandemic, and one of them was certainly the cleaning industry. With the new emphasis on cleanliness from the home to the office, cleaning businesses thrived during the pandemic and will likely continue to do so in the future. If you've decided that the cleaning sector is the right franchise industry for you, here are three things to consider during your initial search phase.


Do you want residential or commercial?

There are many cleaning services out there, and they tend to fall under one of two categories: cleaning or residential. Each choice has its own advantages and disadvantages. Residential cleaning, for example, is usually less costly to start in, but there is often a greater opportunity for profit in commercial cleaning. This is because commercial cleaning usually involves janitorial cleaning and more larger-scale projects than the consumer sector. Of course, this also means you are likely to need a team of employees right off the bat in a commercial cleaning franchise, whereas you can likely handle the early phase of a residential cleaning franchise on your own or with help from just one other person.

When it comes to residential versus commercial cleaning, your finances, needs, goals and market are likely going to determine which type is the right call for you. Consider how much you have to invest and what the needs are in your area before deciding which type to invest in.


Who is your target market?

Take a close look at the area you want to operate your franchise in so you can determine which services the consumers there need. If it is an area with a lot of commercial buildings, commercial cleaning may make sense. However, if the area is more residential, residential cleaning could be the way to go. Don't forget to ask each franchise you are considering just how they will help you find and connect with clients.


What services are provided?

The services provided by a cleaning franchise may vary more than you think, so you need to decide which focus area is the right one for you. Some brands feature floor and carpet cleaning, while others emphasize exterior services such as window cleaning. As with your initial franchise size, the needs of the market should help you identify which services are likely to be the most profitable for your location.