Canadian Cleaning Franchise: Are These Preconceived Notions Holding You Back?

Cleaning is one franchise industry that has actually held pretty steady in Canada, and it's not hard to see why. People at home and businesses need cleaning services regularly, and many are willing to pay someone else to do it. However, sometimes prospective franchisees overlook cleaning brands because of some ideas they may have about the business. Before you cross out the cleaning industry from your prospective franchise list, be sure none of the following lines of thought are a factor in your decision.


You will have to clean yourself

It's true that if you decide to handle the business yourself, you may do some of the cleaning, especially at the start. However, you can hire enough people to prevent this from happening if it is a real concern to you. Many cleaning franchises give franchisees scheduling tools and software that helps them account for issues like a worker being sick or a work vehicle breaking down. With a system in place and enough staff, you will likely never clean a thing in your business.


Your past positions aren't the right fit

Many different types of people have opened cleaning franchises, including executives, CEOs and other top-level corporate employees. Just having executive or upper management experience doesn't mean you are not the right type of person for a cleaning franchise. If you examine the market and see a need for cleaning services plus the potential for growth, it can be a good choice for you as a prospective franchisee, no matter what you did before.


You won't find good employees

Without a crystal ball, there is no way of knowing whether you will struggle to find employees or not. However, many times, workers don't leave just because it is cleaning work. They leave because the pay is low or they are not treated well. Pay your employees a living wage, treat them well and offer incentives to motivate them, just like you would in any other business. This will make it far more likely that they will stay, and you will be able to develop that core group of employees who will help you grow your business.

Before you join a cleaning franchise, be sure to do your homework and check into the brand and the system. Any franchise investment is a significant one, so you want to be entirely confident in the decision you ultimately make.